Spring Equinox Practice March 21st

Yoga and Meditation 1:00-2:00 pm $10
Gentle yoga practiced mindfully, designed to supple the hips and low back to sit comfortably for meditation. Various ways to sit, including how to use props will be explored. Both seated and walking meditation will be practiced as we welcome the arrival of spring.

21 Asana Series 2:30-4:30 $21
We are re-introducing the practice of this series at the change of seasons…
The 21 Asana series is a specific sequence of poses that enhances a deep realignment of the physical and energetic systems. The sequences includes all categories of poses; standing poses, balancing poses, forward bends, back bends, twists and inversions. Practicing the series over time helps to evolve your personal practice, and its fun! Modifications will be offered to support energetic activation and finding ease in the poses.

Yoga for Equestrians April 4th 10:00 am -12:00 pm $25

Presented by Tree of Life Yoga Center and JMS Dressage -Jolene Simons Bester

A yoga workshop with yoga teacher, massage therapist and dressage rider Teji (Ruth) Dilley. Yoga means “union” of mind, body and spirit, or to join, to connect. Dressage is the union of the rider and the horse. Dressage riders benefit from the openness, clarity of mind, body awareness, suppleness and strength that the practice of yoga develops. This workshop is designed to enhance body awareness of the areas of the rider’s body necessary for a good seat; hips, adductors (inner thigh) and “the core.” Yoga poses will focus on core strength, and alignment for the spine, shoulders, and lower body. Basic anatomy will be introduced along with poses appropriate for beginners, breathing techniques and basic meditation.

Call or text Teji to register for all workshops: 574-876-9180 Space is limited.