Yoga for Equestrians May 2nd 10:00 am -12:00 pm $25

Next Date: June 6th 10:00-12:00 pm $25
Presented by Tree of Life Yoga Center and JMS Dressage -Jolene Simons Bester
A yoga workshop with yoga teacher, massage therapist and dressage rider Teji (Ruth) Dilley.  Yoga means “union” of mind, body and spirit, or to join, to connect.  Dressage is the union of the rider and the horse.  Dressage riders benefit from the openness, clarity of mind, body awareness, suppleness and strength that the practice of yoga develops.  This workshop is designed to enhance body awareness of the areas of the rider’s body necessary for a good seat; hips, adductors (inner thigh) and “the core.”  Yoga poses will focus on core strength, and alignment for the spine, shoulders, and lower body.  Basic anatomy will be introduced along with poses appropriate for beginners, breathing techniques and basic meditation.
Call or Text Teji to Regiter 574-876-9180

Yin, Asana and Vinyasa May 3rd Noon-3:00 pm

at SLR Pilates in Niles

 A balanced life entails times of stillness, self-study, and engaging in activity.  This workshop will explore these aspects through several styles of yoga practice designed to relax, align and enliven body, mind and spirit .  The Yin practice will emphasize mindfulness of body and breath to deeply unwind physical and psychological tensions. The supported floor poses are held for a longer time to stimulate acupressure points along the meridians to balance the energetic system.  The practice of Asana, active yoga poses will follow.  The use of yoga props will enhance the experience of the finer details of alignment in several important standing poses.  A Vinyasa flow will follow in the practice.  Integrating the quality of mindfulness and alignment details cultivated in the yin and asana practices, we will flow through a sequence of poses linking breath and movement to energize mind and body.  Deep relaxation and a short meditation will complete the experience.

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Teji (Ruth) Dilley E-RYT 500, NCTMB, MSW/LSW is an experienced professional yoga teacher, nationally certified in massage therapy, and a licensed social worker.  Teji started practicing yoga in the early 1990s and was led to study massage and the healing arts.  She started teaching yoga in 1998 and has continued her studies in various systems of yoga and bodywork.  Her experience with yoga, bodywork and meditation have synthesized into an approach that emphasizes mindfulness, physical anatomy and energetic activation to enhance the healing effects of the practice.