November 7 – 9, 2014
Gabriel was trained at the Iyengar Yoga Institutes in San Francisco and Pune, India. Gabriel has practiced since 1970 and gives workshops nationally. He is the founder and director of the Yoga Circle in Chicago, IL since 1985. Owing to the direct influence of BKS Iyengar and 4 decades of continuous study Gabriel’s teaching is all that is yoga: zeal in practice, science, art form, lifestyle, and mystical mentoring.

Friday, November 7th
Body Sighting and Hands On Adjustments, 1:30-4:30 PM (teachers/ serious students): Students process information through sight, sound, and touch. To that end, good teachers demonstrate the poses beautifully. Excellent teachers articulate clear cues and instructions. Great teachers add precise hands on corrections. But in order to properly help someone, a teacher must develop the skills to see where, when, and how the adjustment needs to be made. Today’s hands on session will boost your confidence about recognizing what to do and being able to do it. You will leave with a better sense of sequencing, a keener eye that sees misalignments, and a creative ability to transmit what you now know.

The Gospel of Deep Relaxation, 6-8 PM (public): One of the most rewarding aspects of yoga practice is the ability to be as relaxed as never before. The good news is that relaxation is simple, effective, and so easy to do. Tonight’s session will soothe your nerves, calm your mind, and open your senses to deeper strata of your spiritual being. Pranayama techniques that induce a cooling cycle in the respiratory system will also be taught.

Saturday, November 8th
Back Care Basics: Living With Your Low Back, 9 AM-Noon (public): Back pain sufferers take heart! Come and find relief and discover new options for your home practice. Whether you have general backache, stiffness, or soreness in your upper spine, scoliosis, SI joint dysfunction, or sciatica, this workshop will teach you how to relax and traction the spine. Once the spine elongates and decompresses, ease of motion is restored, as is free and easy breathing. You’ll go home knowing how to set up simple poses that alleviate discomfort and get a new lease on life. Learn the difference between healing and curing and leave here with the best sense of body mechanics and proper posture that you have ever had.

Hips and Knees, 1:30-4:30 PM (public): If your knees ache or feel unstable, if your hips seem locked and your low back restricted, if your legs are tight, then this workshop will show you how to address these issues. By days’ end you’ll come away with:

  • a working knowledge of your own anatomy.
  • instruction in a series of sequences to build strength and balance.
  • relaxation exercises for tension in the pelvis and lower extremities.
  • personal corrections to improve your poses.

** Dinner at Rocky River Tap & Table (1032 E. University Drive, Granger, Indiana 46530 in City Plaza North), 7:15 PM **

Sunday, November 9th
Neck and Shoulders, 10 AM-1 PM (public): Maximum health of the shoulders and neck can be achieved by a variety of poses of which change the alignment of the head and trunk. Through the practice of standing, sitting, supine, and inverted poses, which are modified for each individual, long standing and chronic aches will be given relief from nagging kinks and unnecessary discomfort. Special attention will be given to safety with inversions, showing how to protect the neck and build upper body strength without the fear of future injury.

Pricing and Registration


One class: $55 (normal);  $60 (late)
Two classes: $50 (normal);  $55 (late)
Restorative: $35 (normal);  $40 (late)
Full Workshop: $235 (normal);  $260 (late)

* To register, mail check, payable to Tree of Life, to Tree of Life Yoga Center, 29666 County Road 10 W. Elkhart, IN 46514. Please indicate which workshops you are registering for. For more information, contact Teji Dilley, (574) 876-9180.